'Community' Stars Create Hilarious Webisode 'Star Burns: El Star Prince' (VIDEO)

Last night's "Community" was hilarious as usual, with Abed (Danny Pudi) channeling the movie "Goodfellas" and getting the gang involved in an illegal chicken finger operation. As a bonus, the gang created this a new webisode, "Star Burns: El Star Prince," where Abed and Star Burns (Dino Stamatopoulus) show off their video assignment for Spanish class that could only have come from Abed's twisted, pop-culture obsessed mind. It's an outer space tale where the two fight on an unidentified red planet to save the "Spanish Princess" from "Lord Diablo," who is really an elderly man in a viking helmet. It looks like this is only part 1, so we can't wait to see what happens next week, when Senor Chang (Ken Jeong) gets involved.