Compact Reviews Of This Week's Compact Discs, For Those Who Still Care: #2


As you may or may not know, the big music news this week, and quite possibly the biggest news in the compact disc world since the release of The Beatles catalogue back in 1987, is the reissue and remastering of Debbie Harry's 1981 solo release "Koo Koo."

I KID! A fine album in its own right, but that's not the big news at ALL, my lovelies. It is in fact, the long-awaited release of The Beatles' catalogue, with breath-taking sound quality and slightly whelming packaging. These classic must-haves are available in both the no longer available Mono Box set, the currently sold out Stereo set, and the easily attainable individual releases. All the details can be found HERE.

Now, for the rest of today's specials.

Legendary Ducks' Deluxe and Rumour guitarist Martin Belmont, releases his first solo album in 15 years, this time joined by some of his most frequent collaborators. Carlene Carter, Nick Lowe, Paul Carrack, and Graham Parker all help out on this hopefully listenable outing.

Collectors' Choice reissues some odd records by one our greatest living, singer-songwriters, Miss Jackie DeShannon. The 1963 debut, known to her fans as "The Folk Album" and arranged by Jack Nitzsche, gets a first time release, while 1967's "Me About You" and 1970's "To Be Free" get doubled-up on one CD, with an additional bonus track. For the classic material, see "What The Worlds Needs Now...The Definitive Jackie DeShannon."

One of the seminal bands of college radio gets two of its classics reissued sweetly by Bar/None records. The Feelies' "Crazy Rhythms" and "Good Earth" each come with codes for downloadable bonus tracks. Hopefully, those bonus tracks will also be songs by The Feelies.

2 CD, 31 track set from "Society's Child," which includes many rarities, but ridiculously NOT the 1981 pop single "Under The Covers." OK, it only reached #71 on the Billboard pop charts, but what is 4 extra minutes of space on a 2 CD anthology? And I LOVE that song. Boo hiss, Sony/Legacy.

Norwegian singer-songwriter has always had enough good material on each of his releases to draw my attention, but not enough to keep me interested for too long. Although, his music was the best part of the film "Dan In Real Life," that Steve Carell movie with the painfully unnecessary asspain Dane Cook in a supporting role. I'm pretty sure "Heartbeat Radio" will not be groundbreaking, but then again...maybe it will be. The kid's got talent.

Phish phans phrejoice! Phshit! Ok, phsorry. (I can't phstop!) I'll phocus. New phrecord produced by the phlegendary Steve Lillywhite. (What's phwrong with me?)

Collection of rare soul singles from the "Milwaukee Godfather Of Soul." SIGN ME UP! (You know you want a CD by the "Milwaukee Godfather Of Soul," and the man responsible for "Johnnie Taylor's "Disco Lady," not to mention the definitive version of "Love-Itis.")

I admit, this record left me cold when it was released. I also admit, I don't know what I was thinking. This 1989 benchmark for Brit-Pop now gets a massive upgrade, with 2 CDs of additional material. It will also be available in a very limited, 1000 pressing edition, that will feature $85 worth of gold foil and a picture of John Squire's lawn. But the affordable 3 CD set will feature a remaster of the album proper, a disc of b-sides, remixes and extras, and a CD of lost demos.

Another band that leaves me cold, Yo La Tengo, deserves a lot more than I could offer. So, let me just say, this is their 16th release, and I know many of you will be very happy. I respect these guys. I just don't enjoy what I hear.

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And please, BUY YOUR MUSIC!