These 11 Stores Are Addicted To Selling Cigarettes

These 11 Stores Are Addicted To Selling Cigarettes

CVS made a landmark announcement Wednesday that its 7,600 stores will stop selling tobacco products by October. That's a big deal. The company admitted that it expects to lose $2 billion in sales this year.

The fact is, many of America's largest retail chains make a ton of money selling cigarettes. And while some big retailers, like Target and Wegmans, kicked their cigarette habits years ago, a number of big companies are still addicted.

1. Walmart

walmart cigarettes

2. Walgreens


3. Dollar General

dollar general store

4. 7-Eleven


5. Family Dollar

family dollar

6. Costco

costco cigarettes

7. Rite-Aid

rite aid

8. Kroger


9. Albertsons


10. Safeway


11. Sam's Club

sams club

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