Which Companies Actually Hire Their Interns To Full-Time Positions? (INFOGRAPHIC)

The whole point of an internship is to get you one step closer to a full-time gig. So where can you intern that will actually offer you a salary and 401K?

The career-oriented social network LinkedIn reviewed data from 3.5 million members who held internships to track which companies bumped people up from intern to salaried employee, and compiled it in the infographic below:

If you're interning at a company not listed in the infographic, there are a few ways to tell if the company is considering hiring interns, according to LinkedIn's Career Expert Nicole Williams. Some signs include whether the company is currently hiring in general, if the company hired interns in the past and if company asked you about your future plans.

Another big sign is if an intern is invited to industry events or meetings. If so, be prepared, Williams advises.

"Before going into meetings, study the profiles of whom you are going to meet," Williams said. "Being prepared and proactive is always a great way to impress your boss. Also, share articles and Influencer posts on LinkedIn to reinforce your initiative and value to your colleagues. You can also publish long-form posts on LinkedIn that showcases your value as a professional. Publishing posts on a consistent basis highlights your ability to think strategically and spotlight industry trends."