Company Floods Small Town With Gifts, Residents Promptly Give Them To Others In Need

Aaand cue ugly crying face.

When a coupon company learned there was an actual U.S. town named Coupon, it decided it had to share the holidays with its distant “relative.”

But when RetailMeNot, which offers coupons and promo codes, descended upon the small Pennsylvania community, the residents weren’t interested in getting any gifts. Many simply said, “I have everything I need.”

When pressed a little further, the town of 73 shared the struggles of some of their neighbors, and expressed that instead of getting gifts, they'd like to give them away to people in need. 

RetailMeNot quickly went to work collecting lists of families and the items that would make their holiday season a little bit brighter. It then corralled Coupon together for a gift exchange, where residents got new refrigerators, furniture, bicycles and other essentials. One family, who has a sick daughter, finally got their dream of going to Disney World.

And the town promptly reminded all of us what this season is actually about.

“Everyone here in Coupon is like one big family,” one resident explained. “That’s the best way to describe it.”

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