This Company Pays Its Employees $7,500 To Vacation Tech-Free

"The vast majority of employees are incredibly relaxed and calm after they get back."

Bart Lorang, CEO and co-founder of the contact management platform FullContact, goes so far to encourage his employees take vacations, he actually pays them to travel off the grid.

Since technology is such an integral part of business, "it's really important to unplug to become human again," Lorang said in the HuffPost Originals video above. FullContact pays its employees $7,500 if they vow to use the money for vacation, unplug from technology, and leave their work at home.

While employees are enjoying their time out of the office, the boost in office morale is a win-win.

"It makes you feel appreciated," Jaclyn Pickard, an HR Specialist at FullContact said.

Watch the video above for more information on the benefits of FullContact's paid vacation program.

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