This Company Perfectly Trolled Bic For Those Ridiculous 'For Her' Pens

There's just no way you can take those pens seriously after this.

A drink company completely juiced Bic over its sexist pens

After receiving Bic's "For Her" pens -- yes, you read that right -- in the mail, staff at U.K. smoothie company Innocent took hilarious photos with the product to let the world know exactly what they thought of the pens.

In the collage, the female employees hold up signs they've written with the pens with snarky messages like, "I wrote this all by myself" and "Watch out, Shakespeare." The dude didn't quite manage to write a message because, after all, the pens are "for her." 

Of course, the photo went viral on Facebook with thousands tickled by the company's clever stance against the product. And while the photos are hilarious, the company employees didn't stop there. They took a couple more jabs to really drive home the point. 

After a Facebook user satirically asked where she could buy the pens because her partner was "getting sick" of having to do all the writing for her, Innocent replied: "You can't buy these. Women should never be trusted with financial matters. Do you have a man with access to funds who could purchase them for you? Provided you have enough pocket money left, of course."

And that's how you laugh in the face of sexism.  




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