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Compare & Contrast: Bush vs. Wisconsin

Compare & Contrast: Bush vs. Wisconsin
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Just two weeks ago, George W. Bush admitted that the U.S. would remain in Iraq until AT LEAST 2009. (And perhaps a lot longer than that, since we're still busy building "enduring bases".)
Yesterday, in 24 out of 32 local referendums, the people of Wisconsin said we should start immediate withdrawal to get out of Iraq. Compare and contrast:
Bush & the Republicans: Stay in Iraq for at least 3 more years, minimum. AT LEAST 2009!
The people of Wisconsin, a swing state: Bring our troops home, starting now.
Anyone see a favorable political contrast here?
Hell, if we can't run against a Bush-proclaimed departure date of 2009 or later, we should merge with the Whig Party...
Oh, yeah--and to the local antiwar activists in Wisconsin--you rock!

[Don't forget--march against the war on 4/29, in New York.]

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