Competition is Bad For Business

People think competition is good. This is dumb. Competition is not the thing you want. Your goal is to dominate. Maybe you are making the mistake of getting too caught up in competing with the wrong players. Don’t be busy looking at the person at the desk beside you, look instead at the top three players in the industry.

When you are competing just to compete you are putting yourself in the same category as the other average competitors. You are too focused on what others are doing and end up doing the same things in the same way.

Why do so many believe competition compromises creativity? The creative edge belongs to the person who seeks to do whatever it takes to dominate. Look at sports. There are thousands of professional players and then there are the big names -- Kobe, Lebron, and Brady. The other players are talented enough to get a contract but few of them ever become legends. The greatest players do whatever it takes to get ahead.

Competition is wasteful without the goal of being the best. Dominators set the pace of the race. Dominators are being chased, not doing the chasing. How can you dominate instead of just competing? Follow these steps:

1. Study Dominators: Make a list of people who dominate and learn more about them. Get everything you can to help you get that edge over the people who aren’t reading books, listening to MP3’s, going to seminars and lectures.

2. Market: Make yourself as the go-to expert in your space. Promote yourself. Own your space and be the greatest—and don’t be afraid to tell others you are the person that dominates your sector.

3. Get Specific: When you decide that you are going to be the best, don’t just say it it generalities, but say it exactly as you want it to be. “I’m Grant Cardone and I will be known for being the greatest salesperson of all time.”

4. Don’t compare: Comparing yourself to others won’t help you. Stay focused on your unique offering to the marketplace that sets you apart from others.

You’ll never break out in front thinking with average goals and taking average amounts of actions. Think big and act big to dominate. Eventually, you’ll be way ahead and the people you left in the dust will admire you. Remember, competition is for sissies. Dominate. Don’t compete.

Be great,


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