Competition is the Old Model, Collaboration is the New Model

Written By Jotina Buck

In what ways are mass social change and transformational success really achieved? Is it by the ideas that are deeply ingrained tell us that money, power and influence are gained by way of sizing up and beating out our competitors? Or is it by joining forces as a united front with like-minded business owners to widen our stride and deepen our impact?

Traditional entrepreneurs would prefer the earlier while 21st century millennials are embracing the latter.

To be or not to be? Do we compete or do we collaborate?

It's a daunting question as everyone wants notoriety and icon status. Some are leery of collaboration because they feel threatened by others. The mindset associated with feeling threatened is what induces a competitiveness. As young children, we are taught to compete for everything and this has cultivated a win-lose mindset in every choice we make. In order for one to win someone has to lose. Many business owners have carried this same belief into their practices. Hence, it is natural to withhold information or fail to provide help if needed. Reality television and print media has duped us into thinking the keys to stardom, fame and rapid success are attained by tearing others down and racing to the top. With social media at our fingertips, we can document our lives moment by moment for thousands to see. This has created an endemic in our culture that steers us farther and farther from collaborative work because everyone wants to be or do the next best thing.

Understand this simple truth, you can be the most vicious and dangerous threat to your business if you are unwilling to work with others.

Harry Truman once quoted, "There's no limit to what can be accomplished if it doesn't matter who gets credit." This idea can only be embraced if one shifts their mindset. Young and social entrepreneurs are on the uprising and are rapidly injecting business sectors with images that yield to the power of collaboration.

Collaboration is not about losing your identity in someone else's purpose.

Collaboration is about:

1. abandoning your existing competitive mindset by deflating your ego;
2. opening your mind and getting comfortable with shared power; and
3. embracing the idea that every gift is an asset to the greater good and recognizing the value that you bring to the table.

The Washington Post article on "Smart Leaders and The Power of Collaboration" suggests that, "Collaboration isn't about being best friends, or even necessarily liking everyone you're working with. It is about putting all and any baggage aside, bringing your best self to the table and focusing on the common goal."

After all, good business is built on support and innovation. What better way to support and co-create than through collaborative efforts. Someone anonymously quoted, "Alone we can go fast but together we can go FAR." How far do you want to go? You can only go as far as your biggest collaboration.

John Nicklos of Lead 360 often expresses, "It's time we move from networking to co-working"; and I'll add from competition to collaboration. Commit to being a part of something bigger than yourself.


Jotina is no stranger to loss, failure and hardship. Her story of losses and triumphs evokes change across the world as she is an International Speaker. She is trained in mind mapping, positive psychology, visioning and spiritual development. Her creative approaches to create change and produce sustainability are truly world class change agents.

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