Complaining Less Will Transform Your Life

Written By Tandee A. Victor

Complaining can completely ruin your life by taking all the happiness out of it. Spending time criticizing everything is the easiest way to become dissatisfied about anything that crosses your path. When you constantly complain, you develop a negative mentality about everything. That leads to discontent and inner turmoil.

If you're displeased with life, make it your mission to change your situation! If you find yourself criticizing and complaining about everything and want more follow these steps to transform your life. Taking these steps will help you transform from negative thinking to positive thinking.

First challenge yourself to fix the issue and make the needed changes. Complaining comes easy to us but it is harder to face and fix the issue. From this point on you must choose to take the harder path. For example if you have a roommate who is constantly late on the rent do not complain. Make the difficult decision to ask them to move out and find a new roommate.

Secondly look at the positive side of the situation. Do not focus on the negative; look beyond what is on the surface and realize there may also be some benefits. If a relationship ends, maybe you and that person are not meant to be. Rather than focus on the breakup focus on the good time you all had and lessons you learned to help make you a better person.

Next take the time to practice being content. For the next few weeks your daily goal is to find something to be content with. When you feel yourself getting ready to complain, STOP!! Think of all that you have in life and be content. If you are healthy, find contentment with it. If you have someone who loves and supports you, find contentment with it.

Finally ask for feedback from family and friends. Ask them how they see you in their honest opinion and make sure you are ready to hear what they have to say. Are you shocked to find out they do not like spending time with you? Are you surprised they find you a miserable person? Those are normal responses to someone who complains all the time; you focus so much on the negative in life that your forget to recognize the positive making others feel uncomfortable.

Now that you have taken the steps to transform your life and thinking, you will see there is room for change in your life. Change will not come overnight, but now that you have started do not stop now. Take the time to see the positive in life every day instead of focusing on the negative.


Tandee A. Victor is a life coach and an author. She founded 8th Jubilee Coaching, LLC to pursue her passion of helping women become more confident and live the life they were destined to live. Connect with Tandee on Facebook, Twitter, and Periscope at: @coachtandee. Read more at