Complete Gardening Guide For First Time Gardeners

If you want to maintain good garden, then you should follow some tips. Gardening is not a simple task. You should have gardening as a hobby so that you can maintain garden in best mannerism.
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So, one fine morning you decided to set up a garden on your own. To do so you are now looking for some good gardening tips to start with. Gardening is not all about growing plants. If you don't know how to nourish your plants then they can die. You certainly don't want to pour some cold water on your hard work. It is not that gardening is very tough. Gardening can be most rewarding if you do it right.

If you want to maintain good garden, then you should follow some tips. Gardening is not a simple task. You should have gardening as a hobby so that you can maintain garden in best mannerism. You need to invest your time on gardening for few hours daily in such a way that you can use some new methods to improve their presence or growth. When you follow several methods for their growth, you will be resulted in good garden. When you bring down best implementation to improve the garden's presence, you can see them and their growth in impressive way. Here are few easy but effective tips for you to begin with your new hobby.

Tips To Maintain Your Garden:

Check the type of soil: Soil is the important part of gardening. Different kinds of soil grow different plants. You should test the type of soil of your garden so that you can grow suitable plants there. If you know that the soil is clay soil or silty soil then you can plan your gardening likewise. You can use a soil test kit to test the soil as well.

Choosing plants for garden: After knowing the soil type, you need to decide the kinds of plant you want to grow. If you love flowers to beautify your garden then you can go for perennials. Plants like Garden phlox, Blue Lobelia, Virginia Blue Bells are few excellent perennials to grow in gardens. You can also grow vegetables in your garden to make it more useful for your kitchen. It is best start with easy to harvest vegetable plants like tomato, carrot, beans, radish, and few more salad greens like Lettuce.

Prepare a layout: You should have good plan to grow a good plan. You need to select the space for gardening; buy pots, plants or seeds, pots, equipments, fertilizers, and other ingredients. One should know which place is suitable for which plant. To know all these important facts you should read and research to shape up your thoughts. Keep a scrapbook or a simple notebook to take notes. This will help you to prepare a plan.

Create No Stick Shovel: Shovel is a great tool for gardening. You can dig soil or can move stuffs using it. A Non stick shovel is very easy to use. Spray your favorite garden shovel with a silicone lubricant to make it a non stick one. A good coating will make any kind of soil right off the shovel.

Lighten Heavy Pots: You should take step to reduce the strain. When you are using pots, you can fill pots as one third to one half full with peanuts. You should ensure to place a piece of landscape fabric on the top of packing peanuts and then layer on your potting soil. In order to reduce weight of pot further, you can use potting mix with lot of vermiculite and peat miss.

Transfer Your Plants: If you are planning your next trip to local nursery, then you should line them back of your car with a plastic tarp and place a small step ladder on top of tarp. The slots between the rungs of ladder will serve as perfect compartments to protect your fragile plants during driving. You don't need to worry about spilled plants.

Easy Read Rain Gauge: You can do this trick with your rain gauge. Just use a dye and during next rainfall, the water will combine with dye and water level will obtain bright red and so they will be easy to read.

Limit Aggressive Plant: Aggressive plants grow with a rapid speed hence they are tough to control them. First of all identify them and then in order to limit their rapid growth, you should cut down the bottom with a knife.

Guide Your Root Bounded Plants: One issue associated with buying potting plants is that they will often goes bounded with their root. The problem is this will prevent water and essential nutrients from moving to leaves and also to other portion of plant. In order to solve this issue quickly, you should help the roots to go outward by using your fingers. If they are really tough, you should carefully make vertical cuts in the root ball with a knife.

Protect Your Bulbs: You should maintain bulbs by staking netting over bed of flowers. During spring season, you should remove netting in cloth and let plants grow through.

Use these tips and jump into it. Gardening is a great hobby and you should nourish this hobby for good.

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