Complicated Prism

Complicated Prism
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The events of this past week have lead me to write about my thoughts regarding the recent week events. The disturbing incidents in Baton Rouge, Minneapolis and Dallas bring to the forefront the profound differences in the way each of us see. Cable and network news are using “optics” as their current buzz word. I like to see it as a prism.

I remember clearly when I was in the 5th grade, my class was first introduced to a beautiful glass prism. This transparent object, with two end faces that are similar and equal, whose sides are parallel with refracting surfaces, created a spectrum of color. Beautiful color, so vibrant and clear.

I cannot stop thinking about the colors and the equality in the structure of this, that created such a beautiful rainbow, so lavishly saturating the expanse.

Our Country, Our World, is comprised of humans so similarly vibrant and colorful, just like the prism I saw for the first time.

As my 5th grade class passed the prism from one student to the other, the wonder was evident in all the “ooh’s” and “aah’s” expressed as they saw it for the first time. Just as it passed from one student to me, the prism fell to the floor. It broke and I felt sad, disappointed and guilty. It was an accident, but I was blamed.

Many of my dearest friends, or wonderful people I have known in my life, have either been part of the LGBT Community, Asian, Black, Hispanic, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, handicapped, short, tall, fat, skinny, smart or not-so-smart. All were a hue of that prism of colors that each student remarked on its beauty that day.

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I see opposing sides defending their position. Staunchly refusing to budge in their stance. Softening the rhetoric, blame and inflammatory verbiage is needed. It is critical. I beg the Cable and Network news to focus on the bridge, not the divide. Put the sensationalism and ratings aside for a time to heal this ever- expanding fracture. The politicians, police, community leaders all need to provide the resources and dialogue to quickly get us, the prism to heal. Each neighborhood, community collectively need to experience understanding not perpetuate blame with accusations.

The division in our culture is a crevasse so deep and dangerous that if we do not stop it now, it will exponentially grow beyond remedy. We all are responsible for the “prism” we view the world, including the solutions that everyone must embrace.It is time to step into a world of understanding. Attempt to understand others perception and their pain.

Today I feel the same way I did when I dropped that prism. Sad, disappointed and guilty. We all should carry some guilt. Take notice of that unfamiliar face that may be bearing hurt or anger. If you don’t look you won’t see them They need to be seen. We need to let them know, if only for a moment, that we care. It takes each one of us to traverse and fix this crevasse.

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