Computer Science Professor Shuts Down Mansplainer Like A Boss

Ain't nobody got time for patronizing men 👏

Another day, another obnoxious mansplainer.

On Tuesday, Jen Golbeck shut down a mansplainer who suggested that Golbeck learn how to write in Java, a programming language.

You know why Golbeck was not having this mansplaining BS? Because she’s a goddamn computer scientist who teaches programming classes as a professor at the University of Maryland. That’s why.

“Guys. I can’t tell you how frustrating shit like this is. Especially having to deal with comments like this over and over and over,” Golbeck wrote on Twitter with a screenshot of her exchange with the mansplainer attached.

As of Wednesday morning, Golbeck’s tweet had received more than 7,300 retweets and 14,000 likes.

All we have to say is: Boy, bye.

CORRECTION: This article has been updated to more accurately represent what Java is.

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