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Do you know that the horoscopes you can purchase or download from the internet are computerized? And the interpretations of what these calculations mean could be for you or for a stone….assuming a stone were interested in its astrology chart.

Is a computerized chart accurate? Yes and No. The calculations are correct and many of the interpretations may resonate with you. But these interpretations would be the same for anyone born on that day, time, year, and place.

Does that mean computerized astrology charts have nothing to offer? Not at all.

They are interesting and open the door to self-knowledge. Many very good astrologers have created these programs and the interpretations they offer for all your sign positions can be insightful. The columns in the newspapers are also generic but sometimes they reveal exactly what you are feeling, intending, or working on.

Any astrological wisdom is better than none. But the essential question between an astrologer and client is what does your chart MEAN in terms of your life and soul’s development. To discern this requires intuition as well as knowledge of all the traditions and techniques of astrology. Intuition is the leap or hunch that defies logic but turns out to be meaningful and insightful. It is the higher wisdom sense that all people have and most good astrologers have in abundance. Intuition and experience are the difference between your computerized astrological statistics and an individual astrological reading.

I have worked with some clients for over 20 years. I know them and how their star patterns influence their life events. Knowing their chart gives me the chance to make suggestions about a new direction or ward off trouble if it is looming. It is a very satisfying human dialogue.

I feel there is a thirst for meaning in today’s world. We are deluged by quantifiable data, algorithms, statistics and information that claims to be important but is really a marketing ploy. With all this data swimming in our brains we can have a hard time putting things together and feeling centered in ourselves. Although calculating a chart is a mathematical exercise, astrology doesn’t measure or quantify, it helps a person explore the whole rather than measuring the parts.

Computer charts VS Astrologer? Astrology with an empathetic and skilled astrologer wins every time. Let the computer chart spark your interest but for wisdom and advice throughout your life go and see a good astrologer.

May your stars lead you well in 2018.

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