Conan And Ringo Starr Play 'Act Naturally' As Web Exclusive (VIDEO)

WATCH: Conan Looks Adorable Playing With A Beatle

In case you missed this last week: Ringo Starr came on "Conan" to promote his new album "Ringo 2012," as well as chat about his days in the Beatles. He sang a new song, "Wings," for the show, but then recorded a web-only performance of "Act Naturally." Conan himself played rhythm guitar during the country and western number, which was originally sang by Buck Owens and further popularized by the Beatles in 1965 as a rare song that Starr sang lead vocals on.

During the performance, O'Brien displayed palpable enthusiasm for backing up a musician singing a song that Conan likely first heard as a teenager. Conan may have played music with more musical legends than any other comedian -- he even released a limited edition LP with Jack White in 2010 -- but playing with a Beatle is a feat reserved for only a rare few. Conan's also been vocal about his love for rockabilly music, showcasing several old-school country songs on his 2010 tour.

Conan O'Brien, you're living the dream.

WATCH: As a bonus, here's Conan interviewing Paul McCartney in 1997 on "Late Night."

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