Conan Blowing NBC's Money, Spends $1.5 Million For One Minute Segment (VIDEO)

With Conan getting $33 million as he leaves, NBC probably already considers giving O'Brien the "Tonight Show" a very expensive mistake. But now he's doing everything he can to drive up the cost.

Rumor has it Conan will finish his "Tonight Show" tenure this Friday, and like a vindictive ex, he's using every opportunity to spend the network's money. The host bought a Bugatti and played the Rolling Stones (resulting in expensive royalty fees). The bit only lasted a minute, but it cost the network $1.5 million.

"Let me ask you a question," he said, standing in front of a Bugatti Veyron dressed as a mouse. "Is this appropriate music for a car that looks like a mouse? No! Does it add anything at all to this comedy bit? No, it doesn't! Is it crazy expensive to play on the air -- not to mention the rights to re-air this clip on the Internet?" Yep. His last point obviously resonated with the network as they cut the bit from Hulu and