Conan Blasts NBC's 'Incompetent Morons' In Song (VIDEO)

Conan Blasts NBC's 'Incompetent Morons' (VIDEO)

Conan O'Brien ended rumors that he's not allowed to say anything negative about NBC on-air by calling people at the network "incompetent morons."

He began the "Tonight Show" on Monday with a creative work-around, then continued to blast his soon-to-be-former employer, which has reportedly agreed to a $40 million buyout. He also addressed the rallies held by "Team Coco" in New York, Chicago, Seattle, and, of course, at NBC in Los Angeles.

His monologue included pictures of items that fans have offered in exchange for the show, which he listed on Craigslist last week. Finally, Conan announced that he's putting himself for sale on the Casual Encounters section of the Website.


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