Conan Berated By Will Forte As Ted Turner (VIDEO)

Conan O'Brien had a special visitor on the set of his new show "Conan" last night: TBS founder and media mogul Ted Turner. Played by 'SNL' alum Will Forte in a hilariously bad wig, Turner rode in on a stuffed buffalo and proceeded to berate CoCo and the audience with the funniest severity.

While Conan is honored to have Turner on the show, Turner is "horrified" and calls him a "freckled rooster on stilts" and a "man lady." The audience gets their share of insults as well, although Turner's jabs get more and more confusing the longer he's there ('fig newton-eating stoners' is one I believe.)

Watch all of Forte's hilarious impression in the video below and hear Turner's interesting process of renaming things after himself. Oh, and Canada is now 'Turnerada.'