'Conan' Has 'Breaking Bad' Cast: Bryan Cranston Reads Hilarious, Creepy Fan Letter (VIDEO)

In what had to have been one of the fastest hours on television, "Conan" had the entire cast of "Breaking Bad" on the show, still riding a wave of euphoria after their big win at the Emmys for Outstanding Drama Series. First out were stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. Cranston brought with him one of the most bizarre fan letters he's ever received, so he could read it for Paul and the audience.

“Dear Bryan Cranston, Let me preface this letter by saying I have a master’s degree in psychology and I have never been diagnosed with any psychotic disorder," he read. At this point, he admitted he was sold on the greatness of this letter. The writer details how she marathon-watched the entire series, as well as some cast interviews. "And what this has all amounted to is that, right now, I am fantasizing about having sex ... with Aaron Paul," she wrote. Yes, she wrote this letter to Bryan Cranston. And she wasn't done yet.

“And for you to be there watching," she continued. She admitted that she wasn't sure what Cranston's role would be in that scenario, but she was sure she wanted him there. "Come on, it would be a good time," the woman wrote in closing. Later, "Bad" creator Vince Gilligan joked that he was the actual author of the letter.

With only one episode left to go, the cast and the series have one more chance to take home Emmy gold. Anna Gunn won this year, joining previous wins by Cranston and Paul. Will any castmembers join them next year, and can "Breaking Bad" win Outstanding Drama Series again for its final season?

Tune in to the series finale of "Breaking Bad" on Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. "Conan" airs every weeknight at 11 p.m. ET on TBS.

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