Conan Hires 'Jeopardy' Computer Watson To Replace Andy (VIDEO)

After completely dominating his human competition for two nights in a row on Jeopardy, IBM supercomputer Watson has become a national sensation. In fact, the public response has been so strong, that the venerable computer company is already looking for opportunities to see what else Watson can do better than humans.

The next step: giving the newly-anointed television star a shot at announcing a late night talk show. Enter Conan.

When Watson was wheeled out to assume announcing duties on last night's episode, everyone but Andy Richter was thrilled.

And for a non-sentient being, Watson didn't do that bad. From clearly and gracefully announcing the names of the guests, to complimenting Conan on his monologue jokes, Watson won the hearts and minds of the in-studio audience almost immediately.

At which point, a disgruntled Andy took matters into his own hands.