The Leno/Conan Drama Animated...CRAZILY (VIDEO)

The Leno/Conan Drama Animated...CRAZILY (VIDEO)

Listen, we're all fired up about this Leno/Conan nonsense. We're taking sides, pointing fingers at Jeff Zucker, and rallying in the streets. But none of us really know what's going on behind closed doors.

The only people who do are Conan, Leno, Zucker, and the Taiwanese news organization, NMA News. And we're just going to have to take their words for it. Luckily, I get all my news from the NMA (ever since they gloriously animated the Tiger Woods affair), so this is no shocker.

But if you guys need briefing, here's how it went down: After Zucker showed his superhuman strength and literally moved the sets of both shows, Conan turned into the Incredible Hulk and Leno turned into Superman. Pretty simple, really. (Thanks, Xeni!)


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