Conan O'Brien '60 Minutes' Interview: Coco Makes First TV Appearance Since Leaving NBC (VIDEO)

Deposed "Tonight Show" host Conan O'Brien has been banned from TV until ... now.

To the delight of Team Coco, Conan did an interview with Steve Kroft on "60 Minutes." The former NBC host appeared on the CBS program to share his perspective on Leno, his former employer, and his future on cable network TBS.


CBS also released some bonus footage ...

More on how Conan feels about Jay Leno:

Why Conan went to TBS:

Something to laugh about? Conan wonders how Leno feels he got screwed:

Conan takes Kroft for a ride in his Ford Taurus:

Conan explains why he could never work on "60 Minutes":

How the hair is, uh, constructed:

Highlights from the comedy tour:

Conan's wish came true, after all:

About that whole Twitter thing: