Conan O’Brien ‘Reveals’ Donald Trump’s 2020 Campaign Slogan

It doesn't promise to make anything great again.

Conan O’Brien has the (spoof) scoop on how Donald Trump plans to defend his presidency.

On Wednesday’s broadcast of “Conan,” the comedian “revealed” the slogan the Trump campaign would be using for 2020.

Hint: It has nothing to do with making anything great again.

Instead, it focuses on what some experts have said about Trump reportedly covering the legal fees he’s incurred from the Justice Department’s probe into his 2016 campaign with funds raised by the Republican National Committee.

O’Brien also used his opening monologue to zing Trump over his “Nambia” gaffe during a speech to African leaders at the United Nations on Wednesday, the commander in chief’s Twitter use and the price of Apple’s new iPhone X.

Check out the full segment above.