Conan O'Brien Lampoons Apple's Final Cut Pro X (VIDEO)

WATCH: Conan Lampoons Final Cut Pro X

Apple this week released Final Cut Pro X, a totally revamped version of its popular video editing software.

So far, reviews of this new Final Cut have been mixed. The New York Times published several scathing comments from users, including one claiming, "This is Apple's worst release in history."

Some, however, were quite pleased with the release. Late-night show host Conan O'Brien, for example, said on Thursday that his editing staff were positively tickled by Final Cut Pro X, despite what others have said.

"Apparently, it's so different from the last version of Final Cut that video and film editors all over Hollywood are having a very hard time adjusting to it," Conan said. "But our editors here at Conan are some of the best in the business, and they actually like the new software. In fact, they've prepared this video statement voicing their support for the new Final Cut Pro."

The video that follows, however, doesn't exactly highlight the software's finer points. While the editors tout features like background rendering and the slick new interface, their interviews are cut off at awkward times, and their sound isn't always in sync.

Check out the too-long pauses, the dead air, the puzzling transitions and more Final Cut fumbles (below).

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