Conan O'Brien: 100 Strong Turn Out For 'I'm With Coco' Rally In Chicago (VIDEO)

Things are looking grim for their hero, but that didn't stop them: more than 100 people gathered on NBC-5's downtown headquarters Monday night to keep Conan O'Brien on the air.

The "I'm With Coco" movement has attracted followers across the country, as NBC tries to force the much-beloved O'Brien out of his 11:30pm slot to make room for Jay Leno. Over 300,000 people have become fans of the movement's Facebook page.

Mike Mitchell, the organizer of the movement, told the Tribune that he doesn't think they'll be able to change NBC's mind.

"NBC, I think, has already made their mind up," said Mitchell, 27, a Los Angeles-based freelance illustrator. "Maybe (the protest) is more of a thing to show that there's a lot of Conan fans."

Of the group's growing popularity, Mitchell said, "A lot of people have crappy bosses. They can relate.

Monday's rally, also organized on Facebook, took place from 4:30 to 9:00pm, at the NBC 5 studio in Pioneer Court on Michigan Ave. The invitation told protesters to "bring signs, wear orange, and be civil."

NBC Chicago, which had quite the advantage in covering the rally, has the video:

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