Conan O'Brien Is Headed To Japan To Visit 'Conan Town'

The mayor of Hokuei welcomes the late night TV host.

Last week, late-night TV host Conan O’Brien spoke to his audiences about the town of Hokuei in Japan. It’s become special to him because it has adopted the nickname “Conan Town,” after a very popular manga character whose creator was born in Hokuei.

O’Brien has been insisting the similarities between the Conan character and himself are too close to be a coincidence. The manga character was created just a year after O’Brien started appearing on TV in 1993 and is a man trapped in a child’s body ― just like O’Brien.

After some back and forth with Hokuei Mayor Akio Matsumoto, the TV host has decided to visit the town next week. Check out the announcement in the clip above and watch Matsumoto steal the show in his recorded video message to O’Brien.

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