Conan O'Brien's Trip To Israel Was Hilarious -- And Heartbreaking

The host threw himself an impromptu bar mitzvah and visited a hospital on the Golan Heights.

Conan O’Brien took his show to Israel, and on Tuesday night gave viewers quite the tour through the Holy Land.

As expected, the host’s antics resulted in lots of hilarious moments, from O’Brien drinking with bar-goers in Tel Aviv to throwing himself an impromptu bar mitzvah in Jerusalem.

But the special also showed O’Brien traveling to the West Bank, speaking with activists along the separation wall, smoking hookah with locals and visiting with refugees in the Aida Refugee Camp. He even toured a hospital on the Golan Heights that’s been providing care for individuals injured during Syria’s civil war.

“Let’s face it. It’s impossible to do justice in 40 minutes to the incredibly complex and polarizing country of Israel. But I did accomplish my goal, which was to make friends wherever I went,” O’Brien said. “I want to thank the people of Israel and the West Bank for their incredible hospitality, their humor and their coffee. Everywhere I went, I was offered coffee by complete strangers.”

O’Brien was referring in part to his new friend Sami in Bethlehem, who sealed the deal with a kiss.

Conan was a hit everywhere we went.
Conan was a hit everywhere we went.

Head over to Conan’s website to watch more of the host’s Israel special.

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