Conan O'Brien Takes An Annoyingly Funny Drive Through Italy

Even when the car stalls, the laughs don't.

Conan O’Brien annoying a friend on a drive through Italy might not seem like the stuff of comedy dreams ― but the laughs amble along.

O’Brien and his late-night show’s associate producer, the self-styled Italy expert Jordan Schlansky, know how to push each other’s buttons. In this droll road trip clip from the “Conan” travel special Wednesday, they elevate their game.

O’Brien complains about their walnut-sized Fiat and notes that it doesn’t have airbags. “It has a windbag,” he says, gesturing to Schlansky.

When Schlansky starts blathering on about how it’s all about the journey, not the destination, O’Brien tells him he sounds like a 15-year-old girl writing in a yearbook.

O’Brien brings a secret weapon ― a sound machine ― to amuse himself just in case his pal pontificates.

“If you lecture me, the farts are coming back,” O’Brien warns.

Hitch a ride with the duo above. 



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