Conan O'Brien Hits Mexico City To Raise Cash For Donald Trump's Border Wall

Let's see how that went down.

Conan O’Brien is giving President Donald Trump a helping hand in financing his U.S.-Mexico border wall. Kind of.

The late night TV host is relocating his show to Mexico City for a special one-off episode next week. So he decided to use his spare time to (satirically) raise funds for the controversial project.

In a clip posted online Friday, the comedian hit the streets of Mexico’s capital to ask local residents for cash donations — and even offered them incentives in exchange for their money. After all, as the comedian told them, Trump has repeatedly stated that “Mexico will pay for the wall.”

See how successful O’Brien was (not) in raising money in the clip above.

His special ― titled “Conan Without Borders: Made In Mexico” ― is slated to air on TBS on March 1. 

All the crew filming the show in front of an all-Mexican audience at a Mexico City studio hail from the country, and it will feature only guests from Mexico.