Conan O'Brien Rents Fake Family In Japan And Gets His Money's Worth

"You are my favorite son!" the late-night host's father-for-hire tells him before they tour Tokyo.

Who says you can’t choose your family?

An installment of “Conan Without Borders” posted Wednesday features Conan O’Brien renting a wife, kid and father while in Japan.

The comedian explained that companies provide fake families because loneliness has become such a big problem in the country. O’Brien tells the rental agent he’s lonely, but the late-night host really needs the faux clan as a sounding board for his humor.

When O’Brien’s daughter-for-hire asks what she should do if she doesn’t understand a joke, the mother tells her in Japanese: “You don’t need to. Just laugh.”

The fam hits the streets of Tokyo for some bonding time, and O’Brien was already glowing, perhaps because his stand-in pop told him, “You are my favorite son!”

Watch the family fun above.