Conan O'Brien Responds To Kirstie Alley: "My Penis Is Not On The Weight Watchers Diet" (VIDEO)

Conan O'Brien responded to an angry Kirstie Alley last night after she tweeted that the "Tonight Show" host acts like she "bit his d**k off." The tweets were part of conversation with Star Jones who bemoaned being called fat and ugly on TV. Alley responded with this:

Kirstie: I'll tell you ONE BITCH I'm gonna knck [sic] out next time I see her is CONAN O'BITCH O'BRIAN..that guy acts like I bit his dick off

O'Brien acknowledged that he regularly mocks the actress for her weight issues and showed clips of several jokes to prove it. He got one final insult in ("My penis is not on the Weight Watchers diet--I looked it up. She can have a shake, one slice of wheat bread and then a sensible penis.") before promising to lay off her. Instead he says he'll use Alan Garcia Perez, the heavyset president of Peru, as a punchline for any fat jokes.


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