Conan O’Brien Landed In South Korea And Got A Mind-Blowing Welcome

The late-night host looked briefly taken aback after a swarm of fans greeted him Sunday.

Conan O'Brien knows how to make an entrance.

The late-night host received a rock star's welcome when he touched down in South Korea's capital on Sunday, with video showing a deafening crowd accosting him with cameras and flashbulbs.

The towering 6-foot-4 comedian appeared briefly taken aback by the swarming fans, many carrying handmade signs bearing his face. "I am deeply emotional fan," one large banner read, along with "Welcome to Korea."

The astonishing outpour happened after the TV host tweeted out an invitation for fans to meet him at Seoul's airport. He announced his visit to Korea on his program last week.

"Attention #Korea! Come greet me today at the Incheon airport. I'll be the tall talk show host..." he posted.

O'Brien's plan to visit shaped up when a Korean superfan named Sunny Lee sent him a letter and box of local snacks instead of studying for her "Korean SAT." It was a gift he proudly shared on his show.

I've landed in South Korea. I will never leave. #ConanKorea #ILoveSeoul

A video posted by Conan O'Brien (@teamcoco) on

"Here is my motto, and I want this to get out all around the world: If you send me free snacks from your country, I will travel there in person to thank you. That's what I do," he told his audience.

True to his word, after signing autographs and posing for photos, he met the young woman and personally thanked her for writing to him.

Conan's visit will air as part of a special upon his return to the U.S.

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