Conan O'Brien's Fake Donald Trump Can't Quit Bugging Barack Obama On The Phone

"Can I declare war on Nordstrom?"

President Donald Trump just can’t stop asking Barack Obama for advice in Conan O’Brien’s hilarious spoof telephone calls.

As Trump calls with wide-ranging queries including the legalities of invading Nordstrom, arresting a cat for treason and how the line of succession works, the former commander in chief somehow always finds a measured answer.

Whether the advice is followed, however, is a totally different matter.

Check out the clips below:

  • On Invading Nordstrom And Arresting Cats
  • On Valentine's Day, The Media And The Muslim Ban
  • On Black History Month, Vacations And Steve Bannon
  • On The Travel Ban, Executive Orders And 'Finding Dory'
  • On Golfing, Drones And The Line Of Succession
  • On The Oscars, Computers And Fake News
  • On Wiretapping Claims And Women's History Month

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