Conan O'Brien's Fake Donald Trump Can't Quit Bugging Barack Obama On The Phone

"Can I declare war on Nordstrom?"

President Donald Trump just can’t stop asking Barack Obama for advice in Conan O’Brien’s hilarious spoof telephone calls.

As Trump calls with wide-ranging queries including the legalities of invading Nordstrom, arresting a cat for treason and how the line of succession works, the former commander in chief somehow always finds a measured answer.

Whether the advice is followed, however, is a totally different matter.

Check out the clips below:

On Invading Nordstrom And Arresting Cats
On Valentine's Day, The Media And The Muslim Ban
On Black History Month, Vacations And Steve Bannon
On The Travel Ban, Executive Orders And 'Finding Dory'
On Golfing, Drones And The Line Of Succession
On The Oscars, Computers And Fake News
On Wiretapping Claims And Women's History Month

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