Conan Responds To Mayor Cory Booker: You Are Now Banned From Burbank Airport (VIDEO)

Newark Mayor Cory Booker recently released a video chastising Conan O'Brien for a joke he made about the New Jersey city. Conan said last week that Booker was setting up a program to improve the health of his city's residents by giving them "a bus ticket out of Newark."

In the video, Booker bragged about his city, then brought down the hammer: "I'm also mayor of the city with one of the largest airports in the United States...I'm officially putting you on the Newark New jersey Airport No Fly List. Try JFK buddy."

Conan responded last night, "apologizing" to the mayor and explaining the reasons he loves Newark (while showing pictures of the worst parts of town). He then invited Booker on his show, saying "I think we should settle this the way all men of honor do--on television at 11:30...we're located only five minutes from Burbank Airport, which (in case you didn't know) you are now banned from."


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