Watch Tig Notaro Hilariously Deconstruct 'Goldilocks' With Jon Dore On 'Conan'

"Porridge? Is this in the U.K.?"

When Conan O'Brien asked Tig Notaro and Jon Dore to come on his show and talk about their new comedy special/documentary, "Knock Knock, It's Tig Notaro," he figured they'd tell some stories about performing comedy in people's homes, barns and basements (which they did). Instead, Dore decided to tell a story that everyone (minus Tig Notaro) is familiar with: "Goldilocks" or "The Story Of The Three Bears."

Conan completely lost control of the interview as Dore told the story and Notaro interrupted him with questions to deconstruct the plot, such as, "There are bears in the house?" and "They can talk?" She also pointed out something that should have been pointed out a long time ago: how can you tell if someone sat in your chair?

But the funniest question might just be the one that Conan asked Notaro: "Where did you get that cheese?"

"Knock Knock, It's Tig Notaro" premieres on Showtime on April 17.

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