Conan Writes Blues Songs With Chicago Kids, Suggests New Cubs Mascots (VIDEO)

During the second night of his weeklong residency in Chicago, Conan O'Brien went after two of the city's cultural staples: the Cubs and the blues.

For the latter, under the guise of "introduc[ing] them to this great musical genre," the talk show host visited first graders at Frances Xavier Warde elementary on the city's Near West Side.

O'Brien interviewed some of the 6- and 7-year-olds about their real-life problems and freestyled blues songs based on their plights. Unsurprisingly, hilarity ensued.

(See video above.)

O'Brien also took a jab at the Chicago Cubs, suggesting that a new mascot could help break the curse and bring the team a few more victories. His suggestions, all delightfully Chicago-centric, involve five Jesse White clones, a local landmark wearing a diaper and more.

Andy Samberg, the latest "Saturday Night Live" alum, also offered up his impression of Mayor Rahm Emanuel during the Tuesday "Conan" episode, a take that was enthusiastic if somewhat lacking in believability.

Though the lottery for free tickets to attend the O'Brien tapings in Chicago has already passed, standby tickets are still available. The show will tape two more episodes through Thursday evening here as part of the Just For Laughs Chicago festival.

If you can't make it to the tapings, but still want a piece of memorabilia from O'Brien's Chicago week, 10 pop-up vending machines throughout the city's downtown area are offering up free, limited-edition Team Coco tees all week.

WATCH O'Brien offers up his suggestions of new Cubs mascots: