Conan O'Brien Stares At Nicole Scherzinger's Cleavage: Conan Takes A Peek

Conan Gets Slammed By Nicole Scherzinger For Looking At Her Boobs

The steamy "X Factor" judge, Nicole Scherzinger, visited Conan O'Brien Monday night to clear up any confusion about Simon Cowell's new show and explain why he's so irresistible to women.

But they ended up talking about boobs.

While the judge was explaining how the "X Factor" is different from Simon's other shows (5 million dollar music contract, no age limit), Conan's eyes started drifting downward...and even though it seems like Scherzinger's dress was taken out of Christina Hendricks's closet, she snapped her fingers and told the late night host to "focus."

You could see it coming from a mile away--her cleavage, that is. And hey, Conan's only human, right? Right.

The boob-talk, somehow, became a perfect segue for the singer as she said that Simon's own secret for lady success was his "Moobs," which she described as "alive and alert."

And then she did a pretty spot on impression for Britney Spears. Good interview, Coco!


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