Conan.XXX, O'Brien's New Porn Site, Is Real And Amazing (VIDEO)

Last year, the website extension .xxx was launched with the explicit purpose to give similarly explicit content a place to live on the Internet. (In other words, it's for porn.) But forget about "naked people having sex," or whatever filth is found on these sites, because we're most excited about the newest entry into the .xxx family: Conan.XXX.

Yes, it's a real website. Conan O'Brien may have a great web outpost in Team Coco, but we all were clearly waiting for Conan to extend his Internet empire to more mature fare.

He announced Conan.XXX on the show last night, along with the one video currently on the site: "One Guy, Two Bowls," in which Andy Richter is put in a deliciously compromising situation. And it's all on film, baby.

The rest of the site is populated with pictures of Conan's trombone player La Bamba, because why not?

Fans of O'Brien's may remember the last time Conan wandered into these territories, when he made an off-the-cuff joke referring to a website called, and NBC forced him to register that website. For what it's worth, not directs to NBC's official website. (Gee, how did that partnership not last?)

We're excited to see what's next for Conan.XXX. But please, we've seen as much of bear masturbating as we're comfortable with.