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Conceal Dark Circles With... Orange Eye Makeup (VIDEO)

When most women wake up in the morning after a late night of cocktail-sipping, reality TV-watching or getting kids ready for school, and see dark circles, they're quick to blame the baggage on lack of sleep. However, the real culprit could be hitting the sheets in a face full of makeup, puffing on cigarettes, skipping out on eye cream or inheriting it from mommy dearest. But we really lose touch with reality when we brush on concealer that is too light or cakey.

In the video above, BellaSugar beauty reporter Kirbie Johnson shows us how orange eye makeup works to conceal dark circles. The surprising shade masks darkness without magnifying the issue.

First, she preps the area with a primer to fill in creases. Next, Kirbie looks directly into the mirror, lowers chin to her chest (to avoid getting made up like a clown) and gently pats on the concealer. Then she evens out skin tone with foundation and sets the makeup with a yellow-based face powder for a brightening finish.

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