Concealed Carry Clothing: Gun Holsters Are Practical, But Still Not Stylish (PHOTOS)

That Jacket May Hide Your Gun, But It's Still Ugly

Now everyone with a gun permit can act like a glock-toting crime fighter from a certain 1970s TV series with concealed carry clothing. With gun ownership on the rise, clothing outlets and online retailers have found a way to cater to members of the National Rifle Association by offering specialty concealed carry clothing fashion lines.

And, ladies, the options aren't limited to just men. Women can enjoy the benefits of packing heat in their cleavage (in a different sort of way) with a bra gun holster.

Despite the recent trend to offer a larger array of colors and styles to gun owners who are looking for concealed carry clothing, we're not sure we would ever consider privately packing heat. But if you absolutely have to bring your 9mm handgun with you to dinner, then concealed carry options range from T-shirts and bras to purses and specially-designed bags.

Check out the gallery below for some concealed carry clothing designed to let you pack your pistol on the sly.

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Concealed-Carry Clothing

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