5 Ways Concealer Will Change Your Makeup Game

5 Unexpected Uses For Concealer

After a late night or when faced with an unexpected acne breakout, concealer is one of the first things we reach for in our makeup bag.

And like most cosmetics, concealer has many uses beyond what it says on the label. Here are five different ways to make your life a little easier with a just a few dabs.

1. Make your lipstick last longer.

concealer lipstick

No lip liner? No problem. With an applicator or your finger, line and fill in your lips with the cover-up, making sure to blend so there aren't any uneven spots. Allow it to dry and then apply your lipstick.

Concealer helps your lip color last longer, adds dimension to the shade and prevents feathering. A dab of this product on your cupid's bow will make your lipstick radiate even more.

2. Give your lashes more volume.

Volumizing mascaras don't always do the trick, but a little concealer can help your eyelashes go the distance. With a small brush, apply a liquid formula to your lashes -- make sure to extend the brush to the tips. Then put on your mascara and marvel at the results!

3. Create the ultimate neutral eyeshadow.

concealer eyeshadow

During the morning rush, sometimes you just want something to refresh your eyes without eating up your time. Fulfill this makeup dream with cover-up.

4. Stop your eye makeup from running.

Quickly combat streaks of eyeliner and splashes of shadow by blending concealer into the problem areas -- that consistency will rub out the color, while giving you a fresh slate for touch-ups.

5. Enhance your flushed cheeks.

concealer blush

Whether you're looking to mattify your face or you want to amp up your glow, concealer will transform your bright or brooding blushes.

There are two ways to go about using concealer to enhance blush. One: Place small dots of cover-up along your cheeks and blend up with your fingertips, adding a powder blush on top. Two: Mix a little bit of concealer with a cream blush to add more warmth to your face.

Have you tried any of these concealer tricks? Let us know in the comments section!

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