Incredible Electric Cars From The Future: Michelin Challenge Design 2010 (PICTURES)

Incredible Concept Cars From The Michelin Challenge Design 2010 (PHOTOS)

How should the cars of the future be 'electrified' to bring more environmentally-friendly, yet beautiful automobiles to consumers?

That's what designers set out to envision for the 2010 Michelin Challenge Design, which invited artists at all levels to create concept cars around the theme 'Electrifying! Beautiful, Innovative and Radiant.'

Take a look years into the future with these incredible concept cars created by the finalists of the MCD 2010.

From modular cars to 'Witricity-powered' vehicles, these creations, described by the designers in their own words, rethink how we drive, power, and move.

Images courtesy of Michel Challenge Design.

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