Concerned Interview: Brandi S. Shigley -- Dreamer and Doer

Brandi Sue Shigley is the founder of Fashion Denver. She's won many awards including "Top 40 under 40" by the Denver Business Journal. In her own words, "Fashion Denver bridges an avenue between designers, small business owners and the fashion-forward consumer by creating a network of fashion enthusiasts unlike any other in this thriving city. The Fashion Denver showroom houses designers from over fifteen lines but the core backbone of the business is to provide business development while hosting and creating fashion markets and shows throughout the city." Fashion Denver will be part of MIX AND ASSEMBLE: MIXING FASHION, ART, AND MUSIC, which is part of Create Denver and presented by The UMS and The Donnybrook Writing Academy (that's us!!).

Question the First. Fashion-wise, the writers at Donnybrook are either into wearing our tennis whites off the court, or our go-to of a smoking jacket or robe, with a nice mustacchio, pipe, and tumbler of brandy as accessories. Can you give us a makeover?

I would love to give you guys a makeover. In fact, I think our team would love to give you guys a makeover! We can even do a makeover at the Spring Fashion Market on April 17th!  We can do before and after pictures up in the master bedroom of the Grant-Humphreys Mansion. Fun!!! I envision a little Turbo Lovin', Studio Yoshida, and Kimono Dragons in your lives.

You design handbags. For the gentlemen, I'd like to ask for your thoughts on the man-purse.

I think Man Bags are fabulous!! What I envision in the man bag is an over the shoulder bag that fits a couple magazines, a writing tablet / journal, a small pocket for an iPhone and other electronic devices and wide enough for a bottle of water and a snack. I envision it to be made of a sturdy fabric that can handle weather and be unique with fun stitches of color and randomness.

You also sing in a band called B.Sous. What's the deal with your band?

I grew up singing in Girl's Ensemble and choir and playing the clarinet in elementary and middle school. I've always loved musicals and silly songs and 2 years ago in my adult life, I began writing my own songs that I can perform in the silly way like when I was a kid. Jonny D, one of the brains behind the Hate F#@! Trio and Chewbacca Bukkake, inspired me and produced my first few songs (download here). I sing in French 1/2 the time and play the keyboard 1/4 of the time, write the music, and dance.

I currently have a little studio in my apartment with an 8 Track, keyboards, mic, clarinet and random little kid instrument toys and I've been recording my own tracks. I'm excited to learn Logic or some other musical production program and get that onto a computer!

I'm also in a musical colloboration Yo Soy Sauce with Brer Rabbit (Stephen from the Flobots) and CacheFlowe (Justin Gitlin) on an electronic musical concoction that will keep you dancing all the night long! We're in production of everything but expect some fun things with that project :)

There will be a fashion show of Denver designers' work at the Mix and Assemble event at Hi-Dive Apr 17th. Do you mind if we borrow a bushel of your models for a secret sexy party during intermission?

If they're game, I'm game. But you'll have to ask them.

Which designers will be featured?

Featured designers are: Turbo Lovin', Chasing Rainbows, Jiberish, Fancy Tiger, and Hella Thready.

Now, if they were all in a caged death match, who would win and why?

Hmmm... Caged Death Match, I'd love to see Turbo Lovin' and Chasing Rainbows in the cage.  2 hot designers with lots of spunk. The colors would be flying!

Please predict what your favorite moment of the Mix and Assemble party will be.

My favorite moment will be when all the DJ's decide to spontaneously throw down for the dance party of the week! All the designers, models, and guests get on the floor and dance like they've never danced before. Then a strobe light pops out of the ceiling and I have my rollerskates on and I do a routine skating backwards, being careful not to slip on any spilled beer. A magical unicorn breaks through the door giving rides to all that want one and safely returns them back to the Hi-Dive unscathed.

You have a showroom where I imagine designers and models drink champagne all day. Is this really what goes on in the showroom? Is the general public allowed in?

No champagne drinking all day, but this happens on our First Friday events. We're pretty busy in the showroom doing business development with designers, consulting, and spreading the fashion love that we have here in Denver. Our showroom is open to the public and we welcome everybody! The designs in here range from $7.00- $300.00. There is something for everyone including mens tees, blazers, and accessories all Denver made!

And lastly, if we go to your party April 17th, what will you do for us?

I will serenade you from the mansion steps with a banjo on my left and a guitarist on my right while spinning and dancing all throughout the room.  Then I'll lead you upstairs to have your tarot cards read, your photo taken on the fainting couch, and we'll even have Tootsie's Nail shoppe paint your middle fingernail black!

takes place at the Hi-Dive this Saturday w/ Bad Luck City, DJ Savior Breath (reverb), Julio Enriquez (cause=time), Heather Browne (Fuel Friends), Fashion Denver Fashion Show, Rock. Paper. Squeegee., Cloud City
FREE Before 10pm
at Hi-Dive
Doors at 7:00 PM Show at 8:00 PM
21+ $3.00
You can even attempt to out-do the models at the Hi-Dive show by purchasing some great fashions at Intrigue, the Fashion Denver sponsored fashion market at the Grant Humphreys Mansion (770 Pennsylvania Street) taking place Sat. 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Proceeds from the $5 admission fee will help support the educational school field trip programs of the Grant-Humphreys Mansion and the Byers-Evans House Museum.