Concerned Parisians Are Posting Missing Persons Reports On Social Media

The attacks that rocked Paris on Friday night have left many fearing for friends and loved ones.

Parisians worried about friends and loved ones after a wave of terrorist attacks rocked the French capital Friday night are posting missing persons reports on Twitter and in a private Facebook group called WANTED#bons plans.

A Twitter account called RECHERCHES PARIS began gathering missing persons reports on Friday.

On Sunday, one person posted on Facebook: "We still need help looking for Chloé. Her boyfriend lost her after he was struck with a bullet."

Another person wrote on Friday night: "My brother is at the Stade de France, if someone knows how it's going please let me know!"

Gunmen opened fire at a restaurant in the 10th district and at the Bataclan theater in the 11th district. Explosions were also heard near the Stade de France. As many as 100 were killed at the Bataclan alone, where a number of people were held hostage.