Concious Uncoupling Isn't New or News

You know it is a slow news day when we are bombarded with fake news like Gwyneth Paltrow saying her and her husband have chose to consciously uncouple. Really? Let's not get all caught up in a new phrase for what is known as an AMICABLE DIVORCE. Is this really news? Is this REALLY worth all the air time and energy the media is putting into it?

To top it off, her quote about how tough it is to be a mom on set has been blasted everywhere from USA Today to GMA setting off a frenzy of responses from hard working moms everywhere.

I am a single mom. I have been working hard to raise my daughter while sometimes working three jobs totaling at least 14 hours a day at times, the same difficult work schedule Gwyneth mentioned being too much for her. I would find out the day before a sudden meeting that I would have to attend and scramble to find extra help at the last minute or travel for work or get stuck in traffic on the way home and panic because the after school care place was going to close and charge me a fortune per minute when the clock struck 6:00pm. Yes, I have been there. Maybe not on a set, but my "set" of circumstances stacks up to a hectic film schedule in my opinion.

But I do not have a single issue with nor judge Gwyneth who says it is a schedule she can't cope with. People are different. What one person can handle is a completely different thing than what someone else is wired to handle in life. This is true for all sorts of situations from divorce, raising kids, dealing with trauma, job stress, or a traffic jam. So she can't deal with it. She would rather take more time for her kids, lessen the stress caused by a schedule that apparently is not a fit for her chosen lifestyle, and have more time to chill, color, cook, write, or dance in her pajamas for all I know. So what!

Let's focus on some real issues people. How about how many young adults are being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis every day? How about how many teens are being raped by someone they were so excited to just go on a first date with? How about engaging in conversation about real ways to help kids get off the streets and ending community and domestic violence and child abuse? What about the ridiculous law now allowing bullying of gays that is getting barely any attention from the news. Let's talk about things that really matter.

Oh, I'm sorry, is that all just a bit to heavy for you? If so, I guess bubble gum news is just your thing and REAL issues impacting our society kind of content is, like a hectic film schedule for Gwyneth, just too overwhelming. That's fine. I don't have a single issue or judgement about your choice to live that way either.

Michelle Renee is the author/producer of Held Hostage and Founder of Rock to STOP Violence. To learn more visit