6 Surprising Concrete Ideas For Your Home That Don't Look Anything Like Prison Cells (PHOTOS)

Can You Guess What These Countertops Are Made From?

When you think of using concrete to decorate, chances are chic and stylish interiors don't come to mind. (More likely you're imagining parking lots or prison cells.) But the truth is, this material can be used as a really beautiful finish and even to make some interesting furniture pieces. Trust us -- you'll be surprised at these six concrete ideas for your home below.

1. Concrete floors: Although it sounds like it would be cold and industrial, adding colorful stain, applying it in surprising patterns and polishing it to a beautiful shine make concrete an awesome choice for flooring. It can actually look, dare we say, warm. Plus, it's eco-friendly, and in most cases more economical than other flooring types.

2. Concrete countertops: The amazing thing about designing counters from concrete is that this material can be molded into limitless styles and shapes. Your counters can even be made with integrated sinks and other features and they can be dyed or stained in any color, like this bright blue below. And, as long as it's sealed, it's pretty easy to maintain.

3. Concrete blocks for walls: Of course this look wouldn't fly in every home, but if you like an industrial look, these grey cinder blocks act as a cool, neutral backdrop for stylish homes.

4. Concrete molded to look like stone: Like this fireplace surround that looks more like marble, concrete can be poured into molds and take on any shape and texture.

5. Concrete patio designs: Using concrete in your backyard sounds, well, typical, but you can apply it in more exciting ways than your usual slab. Check out this "puzzle piece" inspired design.

6. Concrete furniture: Besides for modern tables made out of polished concrete blocks, it can really be shaped into any form, like this humorous twist on a classic design.

Like the look? Click through the slideshow below to view images of modern cement tile by Hacienda Design Studio.

Tropical Petals

Cement Tile For Interiors

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