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Conde Nast Elevator Gets Its Own Hilarious Twitter Account (PHOTOS)

The fashion world is all atwitter (ha, get it?) over @CondeElevator, the new Twitter account that anonymously documents snippets of conversation overheard in the Conde Nast elevator.

The account, presumably run by an employee of the magazine publishing giant, launched on August 6 with this tweet:

"Woman #1 to Woman #2, holding an omelet: "What's the occasion?"

Woman #2: "...huh?"

Woman #1: "I would need an occasion to eat that."

Since then, the feed has posted all sorts of bon mots exposing the employees of 4 Times Square (home to Vogue, Glamour, GQ) in all of their fashion-loving, intern-skewering, South of France-vacationing, carb-loathing glory. In just five days, the account has gotten 35,823 followers.

So who is behind @CondeElevator? No one knows for sure, although the Daily News has thrown around some possibilities. On Tuesday the newspaper reported that account likely comes from an employee at Vanity Fair. But today the newspaper has new intel that the feed is fed by a higher-up at Teen Vogue with a friend at Elle, a Hearst mag (how scandalous).

@CondeElevator is posting new tweets frequently for its every-growing band of followers and, much to everyone's surprise, has yet to be shut down or even reprimanded by Conde Nast execs.

In fact, when Business Insider asked a Conde rep to comment on the less-than-flattering Twitter project, the response was fairly understated: "We have no idea if this is real or made up and don't know who is behind it but it certainly suggests that many people care a great deal about what happens at Conde Nast."

Truth. So we've compiled the Top Ten Tweets from @CondeElevator for your reading pleasure. Click through below.

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