Condoleezza Rice: U.S. Voice In World Affairs Has Been 'Muted' Under Obama

TAMPA, Fla. — Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said the voice of the United States in world affairs "has been muted" under President Barack Obama, creating a chaotic and dangerous security environment.

Rice, who speaks Wednesday night to the Republican National Convention, sought to tout Mitt Romney's foreign policy credentials.

She told "CBS This Morning" Romney "would understand American exceptionalism and would not be afraid to lead from the front." Rice says the election is about "the future of American leadership" in the world. She said U.S. policy on Syria has been ineffective. Asked what she thinks President Barack Obama has done wrong, the former Bush administration official said Washington has been losing influence around the world because Obama has repeatedly demanded that Syria's Bashar Assad step aside and nothing has happened.

She said there would be no role for her in a potential Romney administration.

"I am a very happy professor at Stanford," she said.



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