Condoleezza Rice Advises Mitt Romney On VP Pick

Condoleezza Rice has some thoughts on what Mitt Romney should be looking for in a running mate.

"Somebody who actually wants to run for office would be a good start," the former Secretary of State said at a conference in San Jose, according to the Sacramento Bee.

She added that she thinks Romney will "find a fine vice president."

A CNN poll conducted last month indicated that Rice herself is at the top of the list of Republicans' wish list for Romney's running mate with 26 percent of Republican voters naming her as their first choice.

Her name has repeatedly surfaced as a potential VP pick, but she has said she is not interested.

“I think we should go another direction and find somebody who really wants to be in elected office,” Rice told Fox News in March. “How many ways can I say it? Not me.”

Below, other Republicans who have been subject to VP speculation:

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